What you need to know about camping tents


Spending quality time outdoors is one of the most rewarding activities at the end of a stressful week at your job. The fresh and green nature always awaits with fun and exciting new adventures you and your family can engage in anytime you want.

However, if you want to make your stay in the woods even better, it is always a good idea to be prepared, and this means bringing along all the necessary tools and camping equipment, including a good camping tent.

And, since finding the right camping tent for you and your family may not always be an easy task, we decided to create a list of features which might help you find the perfect item for your needs.


Seasonal tents or year-round tents?

We get that most of the times you will want to go camping during the summer, but, sometimes, the weather in the woods or in the mountains is quite unpredictable, even during the summer months. Thus, instead of opting for a low-quality thin tent, we certainly suggest you opt for one of the year-round tents.

These are made of durable and reliable materials and are designed to withstand heavy winds, rain, cold, and even snow. They are also extremely well insulated so they will be a lot warmer than regular tents.


Floor tents or truck tents?

Floor tents are the most common choice when picking a tent as they are ready to be installed directly on the ground. However, without a corresponding mattress or sleeping bag, you won’t have a comfortable night sleep. Not to mention your proximity to ants and other crawling insects that can end up ruining your vacation.

If you choose to travel by car you can always opt for a pickup truck tent that is installed in the back of your car. The great advantage of these tents is that you won’t be sleeping directly on the ground but in your car. This means you won’t require extra thick clothes and sleeping bags during the night and you will avoid ant or spider attacks.


Quality accessories

Apart from the main cloth that should be resistant, thick, and waterproof, your tent should also feature quality stitching, zippers, and poles. If you’re looking for a tent to last you years, you have to invest in quality features such as aluminum poles, strong and reliable zippers, as well as durable stitches.

Heavy-duty zippers are a must because you will be getting in and out of the tent often. Also, you should be able to keep the zippers a little bit open during the night to allow a proper air circulation. However, if you don’t want to deal with mosquitos or flies, make sure the doors and windows come with mesh nets.