Senior equipment that can make a difference


Making sure that seniors feel happy, independent and confident in their abilities is a very important task. If you want to complete it efficiently, it might be a good idea to start looking for pieces of equipment that can really make a difference in their day to day lives. Below, we have composed a list of such devices that are considered easy to operate by seniors.

Devices that make it easier for one to access the house

If the senior that you are trying to help is rather active, and he/she gets out of the house on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to invest in equipment that can make it easier for one to access the home.

For instance, you could install outdoor lights that are automatically activated when one is near the entrance. This way, the person will have a better view of the entrance, and won’t risk hurting herself/himself because of the lack of visibility.

Besides, you might want to take a good look at outdoor ramps or handrails that can also be mounted in front of the door.


Moving around the house

According to the Age UK organization, it is equally essential that you purchase devices that can help one move around the house. For instance, you could have a wheelchair lift or a stair lift installed so that the senior won’t have to climb the stairs by himself/herself.

Also, if the person that you are caring for uses a wheelchair, it might be a great idea to have the doors of the home widened for smoother access. Additionally, newel rails that can help one turn corners around stair posts are also a great investment.  

When it comes to devices that you can equip one’s bedroom with, the specialists advise in favor of selecting lifts that are considered perfect for elderly persons. However, before doing so, make sure that you have done sufficient research on the topic and that you have selected an appropriate item.

Bath and kitchen devices

If the person you are trying to help leads an independent life, but he/she needs help while bathing, you might want to go online and start searching for devices such as a shower seat or an equally practical bath lift. Furthermore, a removable bath board that can help one get in and get out of the bath is also considered a good purchase.

When it comes to equipping the kitchen, AgingCare recommends that you acquire items such as a jar opener for people that have arthritis or a weighted utensil set that is perfect for seniors that suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Also, you might want to consider buying cupboards that come provided with easy to pull out shelves or a wheelchair accessible sink.