My photo camera collection



I started being into cameras when I was a kid, and that happened because my dad used to be into amateur photography. I learned the basics of photography while I was growing up and back then, there were no DSLR cameras. Nowadays, they’ve become quite common especially as they are rather budget-friendly.

I’m going to tell you some things about the digital cameras I have had over time. I was so excited when I was in high school that I got a boring and horrible Samsung model with no image stabilization whatsoever. It was probably the worst purchase of my entire life. When I managed to get rid of it, I was so happy that I went out and bought the first Fujifilm camera I got my hands on.


This second model wasn’t all that good, either, but it was a significant improvement. I had it for a couple of months and managed to take some pretty pictures of my family, the garden, and virtually everything I had laid my eyes on. It took me a while to realize that the camera I had bought wasn’t the best in the world, but I really didn’t have that many complaints, on the whole. About half a year later, an opportunity came up and I bought a Canon PowerShot S5IS ( here you can find an impressive reviews on this cam). In retrospect, I am sorry I gave it up and sold it to someone else when I upgraded to my DSLR, but I was under the impression that DSLRs were the epitome of photography.

I liked the S5IS because it came with a Super Macro mode with the help of which I was able to take some rather amazing shots of flowers, vegetation, and even parts of animals. I remember that, at the time, my girlfriend had left her hamster with me for a couple of days while she was on holiday with her parents and I managed to take a rather impressive picture of his nose. I also went in the woods one time and took some shots of moss and tiny flowers.


When the opportunity of buying a brand new Canon EOS 400D came up, I had to take it. I now realize that it wasn’t that good of a decision because once I started using it, I quickly became hooked on it, used it continuously for several months, and then abruptly quit. The camera was too big, too heavy, and it didn’t seem all that user-friendly. Of course, it took amazing pictures, especially since I bought three separate lenses. One of them blew me away completely and I’m referring to the 50mm f1.8.

In the end, getting a DSLR isn’t all that good of an idea if you have little to no patience when it comes to studying the mysteries of photography.