How to get a quality photo printer


We live in a digital era where most pictures and photographs are taken on digital devices and are instantly uploaded to social media in the attempt of gaining popularity, credits, and recognition. And, while most of us consider a picture taken with our phone camera is the easiest way to capture a moment, there are still some other people who think pictures should be meaningful.

Pictures are made to capture moments, essential parts of one’s life and create new memories. And what better way to hold on to these memories over the years if not by having them printed on real paper, just like in the good old days?

So, if you’re looking for the best photo printer to use at home in order to print your own moments and create endless memories with your loved ones, here are my top suggestions and easiest tricks to keep in mind.


Laser or inkjets?

The first problem you need to solve when searching for a good home photo printer is whether you should buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer. The answer really depends on your needs, how often you are going to use the printer, and how much you are willing to spend on such an item.

Color inkjet printers are the best option for multiple uses and daily prints. Whether you’re looking to print recipes, directions, essays, and even your favorite glossy photos, inkjets are definitely the most trustworthy printers.

They are still slightly more expensive than laser printers but represent the most convenient option if you’re looking for an affordable daily printer to help you out with almost everything you would like to print.

On the other hand, laser printers remain a little bit faster than their inkjets counterparts, and still have relatively low and affordable prices. They still represent the best option for office settings where you need to print daily reports and corporate papers, most of them in black and white.

Monochrome laser printers are the most popular choice in terms of convenience, printing speed, and price, but color laser printers can end up costing more than their inkjet counterparts.


Additional storage options

If you’re looking for a device to print photos you should consider an item with built-in memory slots, Bluetooth connectivity, and Cloud support. These additional storage options will help you print your photos easier since you can access them from everywhere.

Thus, if you own such a photo printer, you’ll be able to print your photos directly from your camera or tech device (tablet, smartphone) so you won’t have to use an additional item such as a laptop or a PC. And, since most of these printers are extremely lightweight, you will be able to print from everywhere.